Orsolya Bozsódi-Nagy – “I work as a freelance translator and interpreter”

After a first university that I never finished and almost 10 years working as a journalist, I was 33 when I came to the English Department. I started mostly out of necessity: I needed the degree. I pictured myself sitting in a corner working on my laptop during class and just barely passing exams, keeping my eye on graduating and that's that. Instead, what I got from the English Department was so much more. People who were well over a decade younger than me accepted me as one of their own, and the teachers had high expectations of me, which also motivated me to achieve much more than what I had initially set out for. Reading and re-reading classics and getting familiar with contemporary British and American literature gave me immense joy, and soon enough I found myself participating in every activity the university had to offer: I travelled to Budapest several times, got to see London for the first time in my life, sang and baked for university events, was a member of a research group, and presented my work at various conferences at home and abroad – all for sheer pleasure, beside full-time work and a family. Today, besides my day job at the local Hungarian theater, I work for various clients, including local governments, public institutions and many others as a freelance translator and interpreter. Whenever clients show their appreciation towards my work, I proudly mention my Alma Mater. I could not be happier with what I'm doing right now, and I'm looking forward to coming back for my Master's soon!

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